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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Geysers Galore

Our plan for today was to get an early start with the hope of seeing wildlife as we drove toward Old Faithful. It had been a cold over night - 19 degrees! We woke to Elk bugling and even cooler Wolves howling! We did not see any Wolves - but hearing them howl was a highlight.

What an incredible morning drive - The steam from the rivers and geysers coated the trees - creating a frosty wonderland. I can only imagine how spectacular the park must be in winter.

On the drive to Old Faithful, we got up close and personal with Bison and spotted several Coyote. As we arrived to the “main attraction” to some, our timing could not have been more perfect - we waited only about 15 minutes for Old Faithful to erupt in a cloud of steam. It is always an amazing site, to see the steam, hear the bubbling water churning and then sprays of water emerge from the spout. We re-filled the tire, (yet again), and headed to the town of West Yellowstone. Along the way, we walked through several geyser sites bubbling and hissing and took a side road drive along the Firehole Canyon.

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