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Monday, September 15, 2008


The Nail

First thing today, we headed to Canyon Street Auto Repair to get the tire/valve extension fixed. I also needed to stop by Madison River Outfitters to get my fishing license and JoAnne needed to get a pro-time. As a side note - driving around West Yellowstone, there are these amazingly and beautifully painted Bison – just about everywhere. We got to the Repair shop at 8:00 AM - We were told that they were booked and we needed to come back at around 10:00. So, we headed out to take care of the fishing license and pro-time. We then headed back to the auto repair shop. They still were not quite ready to deal with our problem. So, we parked - connected to the Internet and "hung out" until around noon when they finally pulled the rear tires on T2. As it turned out it was NOT the valve extensions but a nail. They plugged the hole re-mounted the tires and we were as good as new.

Part of the reason we are in West Yellowstone is to meet several friends and business associates from the insurance industry who are in town for some fly-fishing. I got a text message from two of them when we were getting the tire repaired and they had just arrived in West Yellowstone and wanted to have lunch. So, JoAnne stayed with Sandy in T2 and I had a quick lunch with the guys.

The fly-fishing group is staying at the Bar N’ Ranch, which is located right next to the KOA where we are staying. I had dinner with the group. They are fly-fishing the next three days. I am going to join them on Wednesday.

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  1. Well --you have certainly been busy!! Right now all seems well amd we are finding your sights and travels very interesting.


    Mom and Dad