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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rick Morgan

Sensory Overload

We were very happy to find out all of the Dune Buggy’s kept the quite hours! They were amazing though – from elaborate homemade ones to very pricey “store bought” ones. Before leaving Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Rick took some early morning photos of one of our Anthem “friends” – all of you real friends at Anthem Ranch will enjoy these photos of a Black Tailed Jack Rabbit.

As we were driving towards our final destination of Bryce National Canyon today, we spotted the most unusual site – a cow actually standing next to its own sign. Cute! T2 made a very hard climb (10,460’) to Cedar Breaks National Monument, and treated to what is to be the beginning of more astonishing natural wonders. As we travel the scenic by-ways of southern Utah, what’s becoming very clear to us is how it easy it would be to become desensitized - at each turn revealing a never-ending spectacular view, amazing panorama, and wondrous colors of this beautiful country.

The highways leading to Cedar Breaks and down to Panguitch Lake treated us to Utah’s version of “Colorado’s changing of the Aspen” - a breathtaking show of color!

Tonight we are camped at a heavily wooded, primitive campground in Bryce National Canyon. Our plan is to stay put for the next three days and explore Bryce.