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Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008


After leaving the KOA in Beaver, UT, we decided to stop and again check the tires. We had been somewhat concerned about the overall ride we were experiencing in T2. We found a gas station and while Rick was checking the tires, the owner of the station came up to Rick and confirmed that our tires were wearing unevenly and the likeliest cause was bad shocks. Sooooo, we now have all new heavy-duty RV shocks, and T2 now rides like a dream - Onward to meet up with our Anthem friends at Zion.

We arrived around 2:00PM - Already set-up at the Watchman Campground Lois, and Hal Leslie. We had a few drinks with dinner at their campsite. Jane and Ty Fouchey, and their friends from Michigan (Leslie & Tom Welbourn) arrived. Jane, Ty, Leslie, and Tom left to check-in at a house they were renting about an hour away, and Lois, Hal, Rick and I went to the Ranger program.

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