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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Oh No…a Flat Tire!

As JoAnne was doing her pre-departure "walk around" T2, she commented on one of the tires looking low. Upon checking we found that the inside tire on the passenger side was flat. Therefore, the first order of business, was to see about getting the flat fixed. Found a service station in Mammoth. While they could not fix the tire, I was able to fill the tire and found that it was holding the air – suspecting now it was the valve extension, not the tire itself causing the problem. While in Mammoth, we witnessed to young Buck Elk practicing fighting each other. They do this until they are old and big enough to challenge a Buck with an established harem. It was actually exciting to watch the fight.

Back to the tire issue - We drove to Gardner, MT which was 5 miles away to see if THE ONE and ONLY tire store was open (no cell service in Yellowstone). It was NOT open, so there was nothing to do but wait until we reached West Yellowstone.

Today, our plan was to travel 7 miles to Indian Creek campground - which we did. This is a wonderful campground - more remote than, and not as large as many of the other Yellowstone campgrounds. When we checked in mid morning, we set up and then took a hike along the Gardner River. We spent the rest of the day reading, and working on the many photos, we had taken over the last several days. That evening, we drove to Willows Flat to see if we could spot Wolves and Moose - No luck on either account - but we did have a “natural” candlelight dinner watching the sun go down over a beautiful valley.

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