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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kayaking Steamboat Lake


September 4, 2008

We decided to rent a kayak today when the weather was somewhat cool, but calm. By the time, we had completed our trip, the storm clouds came rolling in, and the waters became rough, we headed back to the marina. The hills, reeds, willows, cattails, and scenery from the water were beautiful, even with the gloomy skies.

However, as we began, a Mallard Duck was actually swimming along with us, and I was so taken with that scene, I guess I did not hear Rick say “we’re going to duck under the bridge”…and indeed we did!

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  1. Looks as though you are having a lot of fun and seeing beautiful sights!! Haven[t seen any new posings so hope all is OK!!hurricane Ike MAY MISS US WE HOPE!!!!!


    Mom and Dad