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Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008


Railroads and Rockets

Before heading South down I15 to Zion we decided to take a short side trip to the Golden Spike National Historic Site. Out in the middle of "Nowhere" is Promontory, Utah the spot where on May 10, 1869 two locomotives - the Central Pacific's Jupiter and the Union Pacific's No. 119 pulled up facing each other and a golden spike was driven to connect the two railroads and thus the Pacific and Atlantic coast. What had been a 4 to 6 month transcontinental journey by wagon was reduced to a week. It was fascinating watching a reenactment of the two locomotives - exact replicas of the original locomotives. While it is not the most accessible place - we were glad we made the effort.

Two miles down the road from the Golden Spike site is ATK, which is a leading Aerospace and Defense company. They make the rocket and fuel booster systems for the space shuttles. They also make the Patriot and Trident missiles. While you cannot go any further than the front desk (it is a nuclear facility) they do have an impressive missile display out in front of the building.

It was then off to continue our Journey to Zion. We decided to stop at a KOA tonight to re-stock and prepare for our stay in the National Park tomorrow.

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  1. We thought the Bison were great. Down here we have dolphins!!That was a fascinating day. Mikw would love that as he loves the old engines and trains. The fishing looks good and you seem to be in good shape now that the tire situation is solved..
    Love the pictures and YOU BOTH.

    Mom and Dad