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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 10, 2008 and into the Heavens…literally

Early this morning we went to Oak Hill Cemetery, and as promised by the monument people, Clare's headstone had been engraved. She is now at rest next to Ted. It was a beautiful, and peaceful morning with many emotions. After the cemetery visit, we had another change from our original plan. We heard that a night launch of Endeavor was set for Tuesday, March 11 at 2:28AM. Seeing a launch was on our "Bucket List" so it was off to the Cape.

After checking in at the Campground, we headed to downtown Titusville to scope out possible viewing sites. We found a perfect spot around 2:00PM and settled in for a 12 ½ hour wait. Actually, since we had our "house" with us, it worked out just fine. We caught up on some reading, explored the coast, got some rest, and fixed dinner.

We met a couple from Connecticut and spent the evening sharing stories of our travel experiences - they had also been to Africa, and also very much into photography. They had a very tame, and pretty Doberman - so, Sandy had company too. At about 10:00PM things really started picking up - by 2:00AM, there was a crowd of thousands, and they were all around US!!

The wait, and night without sleep was absolutely worth it! At exactly 2:28AM, the sky lit up and Endeavor was off for its rendezvous with the Space Station. About 50 Seconds later the heavy rumbling sound of the rocket reached us. All very cool! Check it out.

OK so now we are REALLY, REALLY tired!

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  1. Joanne - our thoughts and prayers are with you during what I am sure is an emotionally mixed time. We love keeping up with your travels and look forward to seeing what the two of you get into next.
    We love you -
    Jeff, Maggie, Addie & David