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Friday, February 29, 2008

Here is a map of our trip


I left a day early - Wednesday, February 27 at around 1:00PM and drove to Hays KS. We headed to I-70 and turned left. Good weather and very little traffic. So, Sandy and I enjoyed our day - despite the fact (as we all know) there is Nothing - absolutely Nothing in Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas.

On Thursday we got up early and continued our trip to St. Louis. Again, a good day of travel - only hit a bit of rain/snow around Columbia, MO. Got into St. Louis around 5:00PM. Maggie, Jeff, Addie, David, JoAnne and I went to dinner and then JoAnne and I spent the night in a "camp ground" in downtown St. Louis - basically a parking lot.

For now I am posting a picture of a map outlining our intended trip.

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